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Murlo in the Province of Siena, Tuscany Italy

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Murlo - Murlo Municipality extends over 114.79 sq. km. and is located in the southwest of the province of Siena, among the valleys of the Merse, Arbia and Ombrone rivers.

This mostly hilly territory reaches, at most, 500 metres a.s.l., and is covered by the characteristic Mediterranean scrub. Many brooks and rivers have deeply eroded its soil, giving it its present configuration and favouring human settlement in numerous hamlets and villages, preferably located in the highest areas.

Castello di Murlo, ancient Episcopal See and main administrative centre of the area, is also located at the top of a 317 metre-high hill.
The temperature is mild, with an annual average of 13.8° Centigrade. Today the population amounts to 1980 units, with a density of 17 inhabitants per sq. km..

Murlo occupies a strategic position with respect to other places of remarkable historical and artistic importance in Tuscany. Siena can be reached in only 20 minutes by car, Florence or the coast in less than one hour, Montalcino, Chianti, Pienza, S. Antimo, S. Galgano in 30 minutes - considering only a few of the important tourist places nearby.

Important Etruscan sites can be found all over the territory, and it is held that the DNA of this ancient population is to be find in present-day inhabitants, due to the fact that the area was cut away from trade, invasions and migrations for many centuries. No remarkable change has taken place in over 700 years, and the area has a look of ancient times to the eyes of the contemporary visitor, preserving innumerable traces of the civilisations who inhabited the territory over the centuries.

The numerous tracks and roads crossing the area still maintain their primeval importance, being the only way to reach secluded places of remarkable historical, artistic and naturalistic importance.

There are four different areas characterising the territory of Murlo: woods, pinewood, cultivation and coastal areas. This environmental heterogeneity - as well as the lack of disturbances due to human activities - have favoured a high biodiversity of the fauna. Among the most common mammals there are: the wild boar, the deer, the fox, the squirrel, the porcupine, the badger and the marten. Among birds: the wood pigeon, the turtledove, the hoopoe, the jay, the kestrel, the owlet, the buzzard, etc..

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